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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 615: Operational Report: 13/08/43

The Japanese hit Chittagong today – we take out some of their planes, but lose some more on the ground.

Only the forts and the terrain stop us from taking Rangoon – I'm going to try stepping up to a Shock attack to try and reduce these defences further.

We take another crack at Hollandia, and do some more damage to the airbase there.

Two raids go in, and several planes are no longer a problem for us.

Truk continues to see itself wrecked by bombing runs. As soon as the carriers are back in the region, I'm going to load the ships and invade!

The battle for Aitape continues – once again, a small number of inept enemy soldiers hold out against a superior force thanks to the terrain present in the region.

We don't even take any casualties on the coast today as another unit surrenders.

We took less damage today than yesterday, and we creep a little closer to victory.

Yes, that's right, we've just finished wiping out thirty enemy units to the last man! Its time to advance north in force once more, and see if we can draw one of those superstacks down upon ourselves in good terrain.