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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 616: Operational Report: 14/08/43

The bombers are seen over Wuchang once more.

More damage is inflicted on the Hollandia runway, and more planes are blown up. I like blowing up Betties, it keeps me feeling warm at night.

Truk receives a bit more damage, but the gunners there take out one of our planes.

A very dull day at Aitape.

The Express hits out once more, and causes some more damage to Nagasaki.

Betties are seen over Rangoon, but they cause no damage.

The shock attack at Rangoon disables a whole load of squads, but fails to break down any more of the blasted forts in the region.

Not much to say today, the carriers are heading north to Rabaul ready for the Truk assault though.