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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 617: Operational Report: 15/08/43

The ships at Akyab have outstayed their welcome. The Japanese make this abundantly clear. I needed the units in the area quick though, and was willing to sacrifice the ships.

They also use level bombers, but they are less effective.

But the Betties return in the afternoon.

Rangoon goes well - at this rate, we should clear them in two weeks.

Wuchang is hit once more.

The bombing at Hollandia continues, and continues to have good effects.

Not much action beyond the loss of the ships at Akyab. I've got a load of troops heading to Rabaul from the west coast, and more loading at Pearl for the invasion of Marcus island – once I take that, then I will be able to use it to base aircraft to soften up the next targets near Guam.