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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 618: Operational Report: 16/08/43

Hurry up and unload, you blasted ships.

We continue to grind ourway through Rangoon – the house to house fighting is slow work here.

That's right, run from our wall of fighters!

I need to start planning an invasion of Hollandia, this bombing is only a short term solution.

For a second here, my dyslexia got me very excited.

I hope that these bombing Runs at Truk are having more effect than we're being told – I'm sure thy are based on our Rabaul experience.

Aitape continues to see us moving forwards.

I'm sure these attacks by the Express are getting bigger and bigger.

The Japanese move once more to stop the Express.

At Sinyang we're approaching three times the enemy strength – once we reach that number, I shall restart the attacks, hopefully they are starved enough to break now.
The Marcus Island force has disembarked, having loaded in a single day, and the carriers – amounting to 5 CV's, 3 CVLs and 2 CVE's are moving to provide support.

Akyab cost us a lot of ships today however.