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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 620: Operational Report: 18/08/43

The ships returning from Akyab have no luck – now a sub catches up with them.

At the base itself, we are still seeing stupid numbers of Japanese fighters – at least their bombers can't shoot straight.

We destroy some more of the defenders at Rangoon.

Some Betties try and attack Kavieng, but are turned back by the CAP.

Truk is burning after our liberators visit today – hits like this are valuable against a fuel stretched foes such as the Japanese.

We hit Hollandia once more, taking out another Betty and further cratering the runway there.

The second raid piles the damage on further.

At Aitape, the slow but systematic elimination of the defenders continues.

Wuchang is bombed once more, but the repair shipyards here are little use to me.

A nice continuation day. I do worry somewhat about the huge number of Japanese fighters in Burma, but hopefully once Rangoon is mine, we can deal with them.