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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 622: Operational Report: 20/08/43

Chittagong comes under attack again, and we see fierce fighting and flak, as well as many planes lost or damaged.

The enemy casualties at Ranfoon are starting to increase rapidly now, a general collapse cannot be far away.

The bad weather over Truk means we only do some damage to the port there.

Our solution to the poor visibility? Sen in more bombers!

With nothing to worry about at Aitape, Hollandia is now our main target in the area.

An we see our fighters right away – is this how your supposed to island hop?

The Shanghai Express attacks Nagasaki once more, but the three planes we get into the air cannot do any real damage.

The magic number has been reached at Sinyang, we now have three times the Japanese AV, and the attacks will start tomorrow.

Things are going well, once the forces for the invasion of Truk have left, I will see what I have left for a Hollandia assault – which will be better off than the Aitape assault, as this time we have properly suppressed all the airbases in the region.

The Truk invasion force has begun loading. God Help us All.