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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 623: Operational Report: 21/08/43

Akyab comes under attack once more.

We see multiple raids, all supported by Oscars.

The enemies collapse at Rangoon continues, they cannot hold out for much longer, we are in control of most of the city now.

The carriers arrive in Rabaul, and immediately send out their planes to take out a cargo ship trying to resupply one of the base's I'm trying to keep isolated.

Some of the Beufighters have a go, but cannot hit anything.

So some Avengers go out and show them how it should be done.

We hit Hollandia hard today. These raids are great for softening up any resistance that may be there.

I wish we were hitting Truk as hard.

The Shanghai Express is once more stymied by bad weather.

We get 4:1 odds in Sinyang, yet still take twice the enemies casualties – although a good number of these are disabled squads.

The attacks will continue though, we have them on negative supply, and this may be the last day of good resistance from the Japanese in their rats nests.

Sinyang and Rangoon continue to come under attack, and the Marcus Island and Truk assaults will begin soon – things are speeding up, tempo wise.
I've got the Marines at Rabaul planning for Hollandia, so that attack can begin in a week or so.