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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 624: Operational Report: 22/08/43

The Tuna seems to have some of those annoying dud torpedoes on board.

The weather clears, and the Express are able to hit their target- and bag a fighter kill into the bargin.

One of those resupply subs is torpedoed off Papua.

We continue to suppress Hollandia.

As well as keeping the pressure up on Truk.

Wuchang is bombed once more.

The casualties at Sinyang are beginning to level out, and we will continue the attacks to see if we can swing them in our favour.

Cox's Bazar is hit hard, I wish we could get more of these planes into the air, but the runways in the region are a mess.

A shock attack at Rangoon does not help us break the enemy any quicker, and I will return to deliberate attacks.

The losses at Sinyang may be the price we need to pay to break that ages long deadlock. I hope so, they may only be digital men, but I hate throwing them away in those numbers.
I order the bombers at Truk to hit the ground targets, a final softening up, the invasion troops should be leaving tomorrow, and the carriers ship out tonight.