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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 625: Operational Report: 23/08/43

Cox's Bazar comes under attack once more – the few planes we can get into the air prove ineffective.

Deliberate attacks on Rangoon seem to be so much more effective.

The Liberators hit Truk – this time they target the naval fortress there – our main worry in the upcoming invasion.

There are no reports of damage, but we should be disrupting them. The second wave loses at plane however.

We're also continuing to bomb the Hollandia airfield.

On their way north, our carriers decide to bomb Manus.

The Pearl carriers reach Marcus Island, and begin their bombing runs.

The AV's of both sides at Sinyang are dropping, lets hope that they continue to drop evenly.

More bloody at Sinyang, and the assaults on two key islands are about to begin – we're in for a bloody end of the month. I doubt Marcus Island will be too heavily defended, but Truk could be a pain. It needs to be taken however, as it will allow me to soften up more targets to the north.