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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 626: Operational Report: 24/08/43

A Japanese sub takes a crack at our carriers. The destroyers protecting them drive her off with some reported damage.

We continue to pile damage onto the Hollandia airfield.

We also continue to soften up Truk with bombing runs.

The carriers find a cargo ship in port, and save that with the port itself.

There is another large attack on Akyab airfeild.

Rangoon sees another few hundred men chipped off their numbers.

The second raid on Marcus Island damages the runway somewhat, and prove that there are no fighters in the area.

Sinyang sees another brutal day, but with the enemy having to be hurting for supplies, I'm going to carry on fighting.

So the invasion of two possible heavily defended islands is about to begin – what could go wrong?
The Navy boys near Truk are claiming that sub as killed.

I'm doubting that one.