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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 627: Operational Report: 25/08/43

The enemy come for Chittagong once more, but we manage to bag a few of them.

There are more raids, and we bag a plane in each, as they land a few bombs in each.

At Rangoon, we destroy another load of non combat troops.

The Liberators continue to pound Truk – but what are those Japanese task forces to the north? Supplies? Fresh troops? Carriers?

Our own carrier force gets to work finding out, and two supply ships are hit repeatedly.

The bulk of their planes make for Truk, and although we lose a plane, we do more damage to the area.

Okay, admission time. You know all those new carriers in the southern group? Well, I forgot to take their pilots off training missions. I've fixed that today and they make their first attack.

The other group goes after the troops, and we cause some damage to the men ashore.

The casualties at Sinyang are slowly levelling out – could it be that we're close to seeing an end to this longest of battles?

Rangoon and Sinyang seem to be going well, and the invasion targets should be seeing the troops landing in the next day or two.