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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 631: Operational Report: 29/08/43

We see that we did not take out the naval guns at Truk – not that I really expected that we would.

We do see another mini sub slip beneath the waves – it looks like the Japanese are scuttling them, rather than allow us to capture them.

The guns continue to pound away when dawn comes.

We also continue to hit up Hollandia.

The battle for Truk gets bloody, the enemy fortifications causing us some heavy losses, and nullifying our numerical advantage.

Our flak at Chittagong sees off the Japanese planes, and even takes one of them down.

This is where the combat engine gets rediculus – my AV is so much higher, but forts, terrain and numbers remove them – there are no proper combat units here, but still they hold out.

We continue to unload troops onto Marcus Island. The Betties come in, and this time we have some fighters in the air.

I still think that the Japanese high command will be happy with this outcome.

The ground troops blast through the remaining defenders, causing them to surrender en-mass. The island is ours at the end of the day, with only the odd pocket to clean up.

Its time for the Wuchang airfield to be combed today, rather than the port.

We have a poor day at Sinyang, but the attacks shall continue.

Things are getting brutal out there, at lest we now have Marcus Island, and I'm sending planes and support staff out there to begin softening up the next island chain. Truk, Sinyang and Rangoon are going to be carrying on for the duration I think. Once unloaded, the Truk ships shall head to Pearl for repairs.
Fighters and bombers are on their way to Marcus island.