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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 632: Operational Report: 30/08/43

Another Japanese sub tries for our carriers.

The bombing of Hollandia continues, I don't want the Japanese even thinking of using this airfield.

The fighting at Truk continues to be bloody.

We trade some airfield hits form some Betties at Chittagong.

The fighting at Rangoon is on a low, I may need to rest our men for a few days.

The carries protecting Marcus island come across some ships, and know what to do.

The Betties return, but ignore the ships in favour of the ground forces.

From nowhere, a Japanese force attacks one of our besieging units around Sinyang. Cathing these entrenched troops by complete surprise, they annihilate the unit completely.

This does not stop our boys in the city continuing to attack.

I hope that attack hasn't opened up the enemy supply lines once more, I've waited to long to have an errant division appear from the ether and ruin it now.

I hate naval guns.

The Japanese have a super stack in Haichow. To the south, I have around 120,000 men in those three hexes, so I'm trying to move them all together.

Also, Rangoon is not a fiasco. I'm still there TWO YEARS AHEAD OF SCHEDULE!