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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 633: Operational Report: 31/08/43

Off the Marianas, we take out a supply ship with a torpedo. Somehow, I'll never get used to saying that.

What's this? A target protected by Zero's? They look like land based craft though.

Yep, land based and unable to protect their charge.

The bombing of Hollandia nets us some more planes – always nice I say.

The Japanese try and support Truk with some bombers, but we have fighters in the are to drive them off.

Its clear now that the battle for Truk is not going to be over in a few days.

I'm going to rest these men up for a few days, allow them to get themselves organized, and then start the battle up once more.

I didn't expect to see this today.

I can only assume that after a year trapped in the ruins, two of the enemy units just up and surrendered. Lets hope this is the final phase of the battle now.

There is no report form Rangoon today as they are resting – both disruption and fatigue were in the 90's. Its down to 70-80 now, but the highest moral is 43.

The collapse at Sinyang caused the enemies ground casualties to jump 130 points, which makes up for a lot of the lost ships in the last few days – not all of them, but a good number.