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Part 634: Operational Report: 01/09/43

Wuchang is attacked once more, they go for the industry of the city once more, as the airfield is in ruins.

The main news for the day is that the mass collapse and surrender at Sinyang continues.

Some of the remaining pockets refuse to give up, but the casualty ratio is massively in our favour.

There are more attacks on Cox's Bazar today, and our fighters are to few or grounded.

We continue to bomb Hollandia.

Truk is also bombed heavily.

While our troops are supposed to having a day off a Truk, the Japanese have other ideas. They ae kind enough to throw away a good number of their green, tired and poorly led troops.

Sinyang is soon to be ours, only one Division has any Av left, and they are now massively outnumbered. Once this longest of battles is over, I am going to push towards the nearest super stack and try and pin it in good terrain.
Today we gained on the Japanese by two hundred points, and yesterday it was one hundred and thirty. So its been a dam good couple of days. I shall give Rangoon one more day, then bring them back, I cannot allow the Japanese, who are in supply, to rebuild to quickly. I'm also going to try some shock attacks to bring down those forts.

That time of the month again, Stat time!

Its not been that good a month for us, as we lost 111 points.

Ground losses have been fairly even this month. At around 800 points each, but if Sinyang continues to collapse, then next month could be bloody for the Japanese.

Ship losses have been brutal, we lost 41 ships to the Japanese 26, this is the bulk of our point losses for the month, as terrain changes have been minimal.

437 points lost to 183 points gained. Enough said.

In the air, we shoot down ninety more planes than we lose. But then again, that's not going to make a dint in their numbers, is it. Hopefully the next month can see some territory gains that will gain us some serious points.

Look, files from May! I did remember for once!