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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 635: Operational Report: 02/09/43

Our ships at Marshall Island come under attack by Betties, but we suffer no damage from the morning attack.

The afternoon attack is a different matter however.

I've sent the carriers north to Hollandia to check for supply ships, but the bombers continue their work.

Finding no ships, they settle for taking out some more ships.

The Express makes another try for Nagasaki.

The last enemy forces at Sinyang surrender. The battle is finally over. But in saving the city, we have destroyed it.

I doubt that there is much I can say today. Hopefully you'll never see another battle from Sinyang. These troops will be able to move forwards from now on, and we are going to make a move towards that unit to their south – 20,000 Japanese troops that we can overwhelm with the Sinyang forces, who are all veterans now.