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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 638: Operational Report: 05/09/43

Ohh, the humiliation of being attacked by a ship called Chilliwack.

It looks like fresh bombers have arrived at the Marianas Islands. The Betty attack is much larger than yesterday.

We manage to come through the afternoon attack well enough though.

The Japanese attack Wuchang once more.

We hear some reports of some ships in the Bismarck Sea, and dive bombers are sent out to see what's up.

Jesus Christ! There are Battleships in my AO! But the carriers are only 120 miles to the north east? Can they get planes off to attack this threat?
The answer is no, but we do receive reports of renewed fighting at Truk.

The Rangoon attack sees it going our way once more, but so, so slowly.

Action stations! We have a battleship near Rabaul, and apparently our carriers are either asleep or out of supplies for their planes.

Yep, out of supplies. What freaks me out the most is this.

The badly drawn dashed line is the path of the fleet – that could have been messy.