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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 639: Operational Report: 06/09/43

I want all those duds out of my armoury now. Fire them at the armaments minister to find them!

After their lucky escape from that battleship, the Hollandia invasion force arrives.

The Battleships sail into Rabaul Harbour itself – where the carriers have just arrived!

The carriers scatter, and the Haruna gives chase to the Enterprise for a time before deciding that they are to damaged to engage.

At Hollandia, the Aitape fighters drive off some Betties looking for a easy kill.

A much larger wave comes in – they get to the ships, but cause no damage.

Dive bombers from Kavieng attack the enemy task force, and score several hits.

Some of our Buefighters spot a couple of cruisers trying to sneak around the south – they score no hits, but at least we know they are there.

The afternoon attacks begin, and only the destroyer can be seen at first.

But the second squadron of fighters finds the main target.

The fighting at Truk is less bloody and more one sided today as the Japanese attack our positions.

At Hollandia, the Japanese come screaming from the Jungle for our Beachhead, but we manage to beach them back, and they take heavy losses – almost one in five of the defenders.

At Marcus Island, one of our landing craft is hit.

The Akagi and the Kaga are spotted off India – so at least we can place some of the enemy carriers.

Good god, they really came out of the woodwork today didn't they. First things first, what is the carrier damage like.

Right, everyone but the Enterprise seem okay – lets look at the Enterprise, who moved off on her own.

Oh god, I'm going to be shived. That does not look good. She is docked at Rabaul, but there are no shipyards there.