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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 640: Operational Report: 07/09/43

The day starts with the Betties trying once more to sink our ships. - load quicker you fools!

We manage to see the afternoon attack off as well.

I then get a shock, as the Japanese then reinvade the island!

Although our men are unprepared in every possible way, they still deal with the small number of cavalry troops that land.

I should really switch these bombing runs to supporting the attacking troops, rather than crating a Runway I may soon want to use.

The Japanese Bombers make an attack on the ships unloading there, but once again, Aitape makes itself valuable by supplying fighters to drive them off.

the problem is that we have less ammo when the second wave arrives .

On the ground, I may well have underestimated the Japanese numbers and strength, as they launch another frenzied attack on our troops – we beat them back, but our own attacks may have to be held back until I can get more troops in.

This attack was ordered yesterday, it will be the last until we can soften up the troops there.

At Truk, the enemy defences cause us some heavy losses.

The Japanese have increased the number of fighters around Nagasaki, but we trade with them, I doubt that they will stop the bombing runs.

The Japanese bombers continue their reign of terror – bombing islands that nobody cares about near India.

At Rangoon, another of the enemy units is destroyed, but the defenders are made up of many small units, so its not such a big thing.

The Battle for Hollandia is going to be much more of a slog than I thought it would be. Fresh troops and planes are on their way there. But you guys only really care about one thing, don't you.

The fires are out, and the Enterprise may well survive her tangle with a battleship.

I finally feel like I can stop watching my back.