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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 641: Operational Report: 08/09/43

The Betties come back to Hollandia, and our planes are to slow to do anything. Tank god these are bomb dropping Betties and not torpedo armed ones.

The Truk defenders foolishly leave their defences.

Our men counter attack and take some of the enemies defensive lines.

The Japanese at Hollandia likewise attack our men.

At Marcus Island, I can only assume our fleet is on one side of the island, and the Japanese are on the other, and never the two shall meet.

At least we've reduced the numbers of attacking planes.

The Japanese ships continue to unload troops onto the island.

The Japanese continue to bomb all over Burma with huge numbers of planes.

While we continue to hammer away in Rangoon.

We sneak a hit in on Japan.

Today was a much quieter day, and I liked that.