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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 643: Operational Report: 10/09/43

The Betties return to Hollandia, but the flak from the cruisers drives them off and takes one down.

We see some more fighting at Truk, and the Japanese come out on top.

I wish that all the bombing raids in Burma were like this.

The fighting at Rangoon is in a low ebb, but at least we're keeping up the pressure and destroying squads.

The Express fail to hit their targets once more.

We catch a Japanese force near Nanyang, we should win this one in short time.

A quiet day in the air, except over Burma, but I'm not reporting fifteen raids of unprotected bombing of airfields causing minor damage and destroying the odd plane. We get two more Japanese ships from the archive, and are really racking up the plane losses in our favour.