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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 645: Operational Report: 12/09/43

More bombs fall on Truk in multiple raids.

I was just thinking that I may need to bomb the Hollandia airfield some more when this happens.

Followed by this. I can only assume that this means that our dug in ground forces have not taken the airfield.

At Truk, we take another line of fortifications, taking us one step closer to taking the island.

Goddamit! Where are my destroyers?

Better late than never you numbskulls.

Rangoon seems to be seeing Japanese collapse, their losses are building day by day at this time.

In China, another Japanese Division bites the dust – a temporary Division, but still a division.

Well, buggery for the Yorktown., everywhere else is going well.

I mean, they are nearly home as well! At least Sydney has the shipyards to cope with at least some of this damage. The Enterprise has still got to make it back, I'm going to give her a few more days to pump her bowls as dry as possible.
Looking at that damage, it seems that her ammo stores went up, and we're lucky the damage is so low.