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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 647: Operational Report: 14/09/43

The second wave of troops hit the beaches at Hollandia.

The Japanese response – sail a battlehsip into the area.

This ends as you would expect. The task force flees after this.

But they come under attack from a new set of bombers.

I'm going to have to invade that base now. For now, I bomb Hollandia to put that airbase out of action once more.

Mandang also has Vals, but at least we can deal with them. It looks like those transports spotted a while back were moving bombers into the area.

At Truk, the battle is settled, bar the fighting.

We take Dagua, where the defenders of Aitape retreated to, these troops will now march to Wewak and take this base next.

Oh for the love of god. Do your jobs destroyers!

We get a small measure of revenge near Canada. Reports state that the sub takes on water.

Rangoon takes another beating, equal in losses, but we destroy many more squads.

Worst turn ever.

That's painful, but lets hope we drove the Battleship off.

Although, it has to be said that this could have been a lot worse.