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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 649: Operational Report: 16/09/43

The “invasion” of Marcus Island continues, but all its managed to do it get one of the Japanese ships shot up and a load of their men killed.

I mean, this is going to cost them.

In fact, after this we get the reports that they are re-embarking.

All I can think is – thank god this is not a carrier.

Oh great, the Madang Japanese forces have both Zeros and Torpedoes now.

As well as the Vals.

We continue to take out the Hollandia airfield.

And Manding, where the boomerangs get our bombers through with the loss of one of their own.

We make a push on the ground at Manding, and come out slightly ahead on destroyed squads, but we need to now give the huge number of disabled squads time to recover.

We further reduced the enemy fortifications at Truk.

The air war in Burma has quietened down in the last few days, and today we even get an unescorted raid.

The fighting at Rangoon is going our way, but we're not reducing their numbers much.

We also have a go a little to the north.

I need to take Manding out – its rapidly growing into a major problem. The troops can start loading in another two days.

The Enterprise is going to make its way to Sydney now, while the Yorktown is already undergoing repairs.

I also fix the ASW patrols around Sydney.