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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 650: Operational Report: 17/09/43

I swear all my destroyer captains are idiots.

The Japanese try and land supplies at Hollandia, but they fleet before our ships.

Oh fuck......


After that, things play out as you would expect. For those of you who are wondering, my carriers are nearly back from Sydney.

Around Rabaul, we intercept a Japanese flight, and see them off.

At Aitape, we trade a bomb hit for a Val.

We make another pass at Manang, trying to knock out the airfield.

while they continue to use it to make my life difficult – although trying to operate around Rabaul is not a smart idea. Not the carriers to the south.

Truk goes well at least.

The bombing campaign in Burma flares up again.

We reduce the Japanese below 6,000 men, and hit them again.

Gah. Yamato.

Fucking Yamato.