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by Grey Hunter

Part 651: Operational Report: 18/09/43

The telling off that I gave the sub captains after the Yorktown débâcle seems to have worked.

Oh Hell yes.

The bombing of Burma continues.

As does the slow fighting in Rangoon.

The new bomber formations continue to cause trouble.

I am going to switch from Hollandia to Mandang after today.

I'm not sure that this is enough damage to shut them down.

And these guys are killing me.

We take some heavy losses at Hollandia, but they take more destroyed squads. I'll rest these troops for a while.

At Truk, we continue to take out the defenders.

Thats it, the Mandang assault force is loading, we need to take those planes out.

We're losing a lot of ships, but that tanker looks nice.