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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 654: Operational Report: 21/09/43

Not what you would call fair odds, but the hurricanes give it a go anyway.

We rain more bombs on Hollandia, because we can.

We also give Madang a good bashing as well, there are four more planes that will never bother us again. Although I want whatever ships are unloading at Wewak.

Truk is hit and with it a dastardly Japanese sub.

The carriers give me what I want, and its not what I expected.

If you don't know, the Musashi is the Yamato's sister ship. This may be the Musashi or the Yamato – it could be that the last time we had a ship like this reported, it was either.
We hit her again in the afternoon, and get a crucial torpedo hit amidships.

The attack at Hollandia is fairly even, I may bombard the Japanese for a while, using my massive advantage in guns to wear them down.

So, another Super-battleship prowls the waves. Once more I get lucky and have my carriers in the area – although the last time this happened, I lost a huge number of ships, so this can be considered payback.
The carriers will move to hunt this ship, I do not want her returning to Japan.

In China, The Haichow force has formed up, and is marching to its next battle.