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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 655: Operational Report: 22/09/43

The carriers from Pearl arrive at Maloelap, and sweep the island.

Then they bomb it,

Some Beufighters go up against some Zero's, and it doesn¿t end well.

We hit Hollandia, but there is no sign of the battleship there.

Mandang is bombed once more, and you can see the invasion force is nearby.

They do, however, have a carrier or two in the region.

They cause some massive amounts of damage.

The Buefighters find the Musashi, which, of course, is going right for the invasion force.

The carriers then send in their birds.

We also knock out three AA guns and the radar dish, if the reports are to be believed.

Shanghai is hit once more, but at least we get a good number of the attackers.

So, north to the carriers or south for the battleship? I don;t really have a choice, I need to protect my invasion fleet. I order the invasion force to move south, out of harms way ¿ they can turn around once we have dealt with our little friend.