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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 657: Operational Report: 24/09/43

Seriously? Do you plan on sailing her right into Rabaul harbour?

That'll be a yes then. The Battleship Musashi enters the harbour at night.

Our forces arrive at Mandang and begin their assault.

While we provide bomber support.

We also continue to bomb Hollandia.

The carriers, apparently unable to find one of the largest ships in the world, decides to bomb a empty airfield.

At Mandang, the Japanese attack our landing force, but just get their men slaughtered.

To the south we get enough men together to begin clearing up one of the enemies bypassed forces.

Clunk! Dammit!

The Japanese begin to land troops at Marcus island ¿ is this the new Eniwetok?

The chosen assault unit is a cavalry brigade ¿ getting the horses off must be hard.

The Japanese are still bombing up and down Burma.

The Express drops a couple of good bombs in Nagasaki, and we get two reported hits.

The bloody Japanese battleships. They are killing me, and I have nothing to deal with them. Why our carriers couldn't find the bloody thing I will not know.

Of course, if had a few battleships, things would be different.