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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 658: Operational Report: 25/09/43

The invasion of Marcus island continue, as does our shooting up of the main ship.

I'd like to point out that I'm not the only person using passenger ships in military landings.

Oh Crap!

I need a new carrier force in the area now. I'm not likely to lose many of these ships, but they are all going to be out of action for a good time. On the plus side, we got a torpedo into the Mushasi – this should slow her down. And this time, if none of my planes can find her, there will be whole-sail sackings.

This time they can. Most of the bombs are reported hitting the deck armour, but we knock out many AA guns and another 15cm gun.

This attack hit the turret and some more AA guns. The deck armour is really soaking up the damage, I need some torpedo bombers out there. But then the afternoon attacks start.

No reports of the Mushasi? does that mean she has sunk beneath the waves? Can I hope?

At Salamaua, we continue to reduce down their defences.

So what's the damage? The Sangamon has sunk from the attack, but our score has jumped by a net of 200 points, so it looks like we've taken out the Musashi.

I'm moving another carrier group down to Rabaul from Pearl, this is where the fighting is.