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by Grey Hunter

Part 661: Operational Report: 28/09/43

Shanghai gets another visit from the Betties today.

At Haichow, the Japanese get their attack in before we do.

Fuck. Me.
I have to recheck the losses, that's right, 12,000 men and over six hundred squads are thrown away, the neat enemy numbers tell me they just lost 12% of their forces in the first combat of this size we have seen in the war.
I get worried for our attack.

While we take more losses than the Japanese in this, but we reduce down the Japanese fortifications, and their AV has dropped 1,600 Before this attack.

The air war in Burma has quietened down somewhat, but the Japanese have still got stupid numbers of planes in the region.

We hit the enemy at Rangoon again, and see more enemy squads destroyed – at least we now only have the (-)Supply modifier now.

We bomb Madang again, we have to keep these places out of action!

Truk sees us break through to the last of the Japanese defences.

While at Madang we continue to reduce the enemy defenders.

The Japanese carriers come back to bomb Eniwetok once more.

Well, that was a bloody day, and it was much bloodier for the Japanese than we did. To the tune of 103 points of ground losses. I'm going to rest the Haichow forces up, and hope the Japanese make another suicide attack tomorrow.