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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 662: Operational Report: 29/09/43

The Cero takes out a Japanese cargo ship with extreme vengeance.

Hollandia, bombed to the stone age.

While on the ground, we seem to have turned the corner. The Japanese defences are coming apart and they are taking heavy losses.

Truk sees us continue to grind down the enemy.

We need to rest the troops at Madang now, but the battle is over but the dying.

Good lord, its been a while since we've seen this banner.

Our carriers go through the Marshall's, a few days after their Japanese counterparts have left.

We follow this up with a more solid thoughts.

Shanghai is bombed once more.

We take Chengchow without a fight.

The Rangoon attack reduced the enemy some more, I'll give them another day or two before resting them again.

Another day of heavy ground combat, the men at Haichow will attack tomorrow, as the Japanese seem to have learned their error.
We took out a good number of planes on the ground today, so one of the cargo ships must have been carrying some fighters.

Two ships, and a third in the op reports. Not a bad day.