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Part 664: Operational Report: 01/10/43

For yet another day, Shanghai it hit by bombers.

At Haichow, another attack causes heavy losses on both sides. Its definitely time to rest these forces now.

We continue to bomb Hollandia.

We also keep Madang out of commission.

The carriers find a cargo ships at Ponape, and deal with it.

They then hit Ponape proper.

Our ships at Marcus Island are attacked by the pair of Japanese carriers, and for once, I have an numer of escort carriers escorting!

It ends well.

The next wave is unescorted, and we take a toll on it.

Can I move the carrier group north to meet the Kaga and the Akagi? no, they are to far away, and they have used up a good number of their sorties.

While in many respects its been a terrible, terrible month, we've still managed to gain two hundred and fifty points on the Japanese.

We've not looked at the numbers of bases held in a while, but its slowly coming around to our favour.

Its been a brutal month on the ground, but the Japanese lost 46 more points worth of men.

I wish things had been more even in ships, as we lost 58 to the Japanese 18.

You can almost see the battleships. This equates to over eight hundred points for us, and 196 for the Japanese.

At least I always have the air losses screen to fall back on.

Lets hope Octobers better for me.