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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 669: Operational Report: 06/10/43

We take out another ship near Truk, the submarines are now making their presence felt.

Our carriers find some ships resupplying Wewak, and deal with them.

We see the continued bombing of Shanghai. This time, its a night attack.

The Haichow Japanese throw away more men in exchange for one of our numerous shell units. As long as it was nto one of the ones I have moving out to surround them.

Our planes at Marcus island get a run out as some Betties pay a visit.

But there are some CVE's here, and I don't know why. These are the real target.

Well, I did not expect to lose two carriers today.
Two you say? Yes, it seems that another of our CVE's succumbed to wounds.

Technically, I lose three carriers today, as I have to withdraw the Victorious – the British carrier - and the Durban a British cruiser.