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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 673: Operational Report: 10/10/43

Hey, we get a kill!

I have tow things to say here, the first is that I finally get a shot showing the use of balloons, and the other that the Hurricane shot down here contained Wigglesworth.

Don't worry folks! He's wounded, but rescued.
There is some fighting at Rangoon, as I want to keep the pressure up on the Japanese while the other forces move around to cut them off.

No ones to let monotony set in, the Japanese hit Shanghai's Port today!

At Haichow, another pointless attack is launched.

Truk is ours! All we need to do now is clean up the Japanese remaining on the Island.

Truk falls, breaking up the monotony of the last week! There are still 13,000 Japanese on the island, but they should start giving in soon.

I've moved some planes in, and we will need some supplies shipping in, but we have another good port ready for use. And more importantly, the Japanese can't use it now.