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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 674: Operational Report: 11/10/43

Patched to Beta 1108q2

Now that we own Truk, we can expect to be bombed by the Japanese.

We take out another layer of defences at Hollandia, and after a shaky start, the battle looks like one we can now win.

Clean up operations continue at Truk.

At Wewak, its now time to rest our men, and possibly send them some supplies.

Looks like I need to sack someone at Madang, but at least the attacks are going well.

Attacking Chittagong is a annoying Japanese pastime it seems – at least I know where these bombers are coming from.

At least my regigging of the fighters has some effect.

The Japanese throw away another unit at Haichow.

Well, the beta patch has not broken anything major, and the battles I have going on are looking to be going our way. The one major change is that we now have 300 more points than yesterday, so they must have changed the scoring system somewhat. I'm not complaining.

I give up the Capetownp I hope to one day have political points. Some more Battleships make it back to Pearl. Which is very busy at the moment.

Yeah, I'm not going to be having much fire support for while. I do taje the Tennessee out, as she's going to be able to fix herself in readyness. Once the system damage on some of the others is a little lower, I shall ship them off to the west coast.
Pun intended.