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by Grey Hunter

Part 675: Operational Report: 12/10/43

This is how I like to start the day.

The Japanese try and bomb Truk once more, but I have moved the Saratoga north to protect the island. They get a couple of kills.

I would have liked more than three fighters in the air though.

Truk sees some more cleaning up operations. Two units are wiped out by attrition.

Madang, it is now ours!

Shanghai is bombed again.

The Japanese gain a load of points, I assume the Beta patch is still levelling itself out, were still up a net 100 points. Madang nets us 45 planes as we capture it, and most of the troops attacking it will load back onto the ships and head off to Rabaul once more.

We confirm a heavy cruiser kill as well, not a bad day.

Tomorrow, we may well see our forces around Rangoon capturing at least one of the nearby bases. Operation STARVE YOU GITS is working as planned.
Or you may see another ten week siege.