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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 677: Operational Report: 14/10/43

The Japanese start the day with a Betty raid on Marcus Island, which turns into a turkey shoot. I have fighters there now. Things are a little different.

More bombs fall on Shanghai's beleaguered airfield.

The Japanese attack Haichow again, and throw away thousands more lives.

I may well counter attack tomorrow, to see if I can knock off some of those disabled squads.

Chittagong comes under heavy attack – it seems that the planes to the north only get involved in raids without fighters.

Oh, they heard me.

We take a crack at Rangoon, but we'll go back to resting.

Pegu has a sorry collection of troops, but at least we're winning.

The last of the fortifications at Wewak go down, and we're ready to push the Japanese back once more.

Things continue to go well, this worries me somewhat, I'm to inept to keep this up for long.