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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 678: Operational Report: 15/10/43

The West Coast continues to be a war of subs shooting at each other.

I think we can call this one dead.

The Wasp does some reconing in force.

An attack is launched at Hollandia, which actually goes really well.

A shock attack a Wewak takes the base for us and sends the Japanese fleeing into the jungle, where they will now be left to starve.

I doubt we're going to see much from the Express any time soon.

The counter attack at Haichow goes as expected, while we take more losses in numbers, they lose more squads, which is more of a problem long term.

The fighters get into action over Chittagong, but its less than a decisive combat.

Shock attacks at Pegu – bad idea.

Another base is added to our lists, and its time to think about another brutal island assault. The carriers are in Rabaul waiting for some replacement planes, then its time to sweep the Marianas Islands.