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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 684: Operational Report: 21/10/43

Dammit! I really need to fire every ASW captain in Australia.

Some Betties come in at Marcus island, but we deal with them well enough.

The Carriers run into a large force of enemy planes near the Marianas Islands, but their CAP holds off the attacks, and bring down all the bombers.

Some of these are coming from Guam, but less of them now.

Luckily, most of these are Nicks, and level bombers do poorly.

I had to go say that, didn't I.

Our return attack is less than sucessful.

See, our Burma fighters can do well against unescorted bombers. Well, fairly well.

We have a slower day at Pegu.

A large force appears in Nanking. I wonder where they come from?

We take Hollandia, time to follow up the enemy and take that last base they have retreated into.

Lots of planes losses today, but we came out on top at 88-60. we also jumped 183 points. Could almost be called a good day.

Oh yeah, that.
I clear out a couple of overdue ships and a load of overdue or nearly due planes, and actually have a few political points now.