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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 687: Operational Report: 24/10/43

The Japanese mix it up a bit, and bomb Wuchang today instead of Sinyang.

There are not as many of our planes in the air today, as the Japanese make sure to send in 50 fighters.

I have another crack at Rangoon, but we are still supply starved.

After months of walking, the 7th Indian Division reaches Magwe, and takes it. As you can guess, I'm happy to be picking off these airbases. To the north east you can see another Division of Aussies is ready to take another base.

That one base may not be much, but if I can pick off several more Burma bases, then I can stop the bombing runs over Chittagong, Akyab and Cox's Bazar that stop me doing anything useful, like flying supplies south. We got no planes today, but its a start.