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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 693: Operational Report: 30/10/43

One of our subs torpedoes a Japanese ship, but is then depth charged itself.

It seems that the Japanese have moved more planes south, as I have troops near their inland bases.

This one is almost a fair fight.

The Japanese hit Ceylon, taking out some of my sub hunters. Once more, I'm scared by the range of the enemy bombers.

Three bombers go into Guam, and they meet over sixty fighters.

At least this is burning up loads of supplies for them.

We hit Biak again, and the Mitchell's are just showing off, but its effective.

The Japanese throw more meat into the grinder at Haichow.

To the west, the Japanese move another 33,000 men in to clear up the supply line to the city. Once more they have stripped men from the Manchurian defence.

Things are heating up again in China, but I'm not worried, the more troops the Japanese move into Haichow, the more I can kill in there.
I'm hoping them moving their planes south in Burma will allow me to repair the northern airfields and expand my air support south. With Chittagong supposedly secure, I risk one of my transport squadrons to send supplies down to Rangoon.

We came out on top ship wise.
I spend half an hour re routing supply lines and ships and call it a day.