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Part 694: Operational Report: 31/10/43

The Japanese start the day with some Betties into Hollandia.

The bombing of Biak continues.

That's a lot of effort for one hit one a near useless ship.

We only get one fighter up over Akyab, but he makes the most of his presence.

The next wave is better, and shows. I like this retreat by the Japanese.

And the reason for the retreat – these guys.

We attack at Pegu, taking out the enemy fortifications.

Oh hi Mr Express, how are things with you?

That good eh?

The Japanese make another attack on Haichow.

Those 58 casualties on our side? Overexertion through laughing and carrying ammunition to the front.

Not a bad day, all round. Those guys in central Burma have done their jobs, and great things are afoot.
I send more bombers to Truk, and raise the altitude of attack to the maximum 28,000 feet.