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Part 695: Operational Report: 01/11/43

That's how I like to start the day – that's a big one, I thought she was a tanker to begin with.

And that's how I like my days to continue.

Now your just showing off – Good for you!

Looks like our bombing of Guam has gotten a response – a fighter sweep.

Ahh that's why, but I think their level bombing.

We continue to level airbases.

The first high level bombing raid on Gaum is of mixed success – we report no hits, but lose no planes.

We have a poor day at Haichow, and it seems those other 33,000 men are marching into the charnel house.

Pegu falls. Finally. Rangoon is now cut off, and I can begin to grind them down.

Things continue to fall into place, the retreat of the Japanese bombers in Burma means that air supplies are finally getting through to Rangoon, and now we have cut off the Japanese forces, Assaults shall begin tomorrow.

That looks nice as well. Torpedo problems seem to be over.

Another month done and dusted.

We have gained on the Japanese by 250 points once more, the current gap between our scores is us trailing by 8400 points.

I've not shown this one in a while, but after a long time of stability, we are slowly pushing the Japanese back.

Although in value, there is little in out gains.

Japanese losses were 176 points higher than ours, but it will be a long time before this graph reaches equality.

Plane wise, they have lost 196 more over the course of the month.

Ship losses this month are painful – we lost 54 ship – 36 more than the Japanese.

So for the next month, I need to plan