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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 697: Operational Report: 03/11/43

I think most of my bombers at Truk are now down for repair.

The Japanese resort to striking Truk at night.

We hit Biak once more.

Oh, hi there unescorted bombing raid.

So, are the the Oscar pilots having a day off, because this is a slaughter.

Those extra 33,000 Japanese arrive in Haichow, bringing their CV up to 2,500 and above mine.

It changes nothing, and just means I'm going to encircle a much larger force.

I gave the Rangoon forces a day off, but they are going to start up the assault again tomorrow. The air losses are 39-6 in our favor, the Burma planes doing great things.

Current reports put 157,000 Japanese soldiers in Haichow. If I do get them surrounded and destroyed, its going to be beautiful.