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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 699: Operational Report: 05/11/43

We sink Wales. The world is a happier place.

Its always a bloody tanker, isn't it!

I continue to soften up Manus.

As well as continuing to take out the runway at Biak.

Right two questions.

How is that thing there, and why is my ship on fire? More Cthulhu fodder here I think. Especially as the same sub is reported sunk a few seconds later – with the same screen.

Gaum continues to be packed with enemy planes. I'm not wanting to go on until we clear some of them out – and I'm defiantly not risking any more carriers.

Another stupid attack on Haichow.

Right, a bit early as I'm going out - summary - I hate Japanese subs. I need more fighters, and the Japanese continue to throw men away in China. War in the Pacific, Day by Day in a nutshell.

A planned attack on Shanghai with a construction battalion? Yeah, that'll work.