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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 701: Operational Report: 07/11/43

What have the Japanese got about this airfield? I have nothing there!

This, this is a valid target.

Their next wave gets some stiffer resistance.

After this, five more waves come in, and the runway is damaged once more.
We continue to hit Rangoon, I'm going to try a shock attack tomorrow.

We also try to open the Burma road, but it does not go well.

Suppressive bombing in the DEI continues, although we get no casualty reports.

While we seem to have a ghost sub at Truk.

The Express really seem to be going for it at the moment.

Another bloody day at Haichow, and its our turn to lose a unit.

We also do well with a deliberate attack at Kaifeng.

So, much more bloody in China and Burma, where the bulk of the fighting is going on. I'm now going to load troops for the attack on the Admiralty islands, but being navally named, I'm sure I'll sink it somehow.