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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 702: Operational Report: 08/11/43

We continue to bomb Manus.

We also hit Biak, making sure the airfield cannot harm our units further into our territory.

Our subs seem to be having a good time off Japan.

A nicely one sided day at Haichow.

We continue to grind down the enemy at Kaifeng – while the lost troops are fairly even, the destroyed squads are in our favour.

At Rangoon, the Shock attack does the business, I shall continue them.

Deeper inland, we take Taung Gyi off the Japanese – another step to reclaiming Burma – the troops to the north will now have trouble getting supplies in.

Another base falls into out hands. This may be a slow creep, but its a creep in our direction. Just a I think things are going well, I notice a few changes in our score.

GOD DAMMIT! She was only a couple of hexes from safety as well! What is is with my ships just up and sinking!