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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 703: Operational Report: 09/11/43

Hollandia comes under attack by massed Betties once more.

The Manus invasion force gets closer to its target, as we soften up the ground forces.

High altitude bombing runs continue as well.

Akyab continues to be the northern most point of Japanese bomber attack.

This is key in letting both Chittagong and Cox's Bazar repair and get fighters into the air.

Slowly but surely, they are making their presence known.

Once more I need to rest my men in Rangoon.

The next wave of victims finishes marching into Haichow, their CV is now up to 3700, adjusted down to 64.

One more hex to fill, and the murder can begin.
The Sinyang force continues to butcher their targets.

Good things continue to happen in china, where now men are trapped in Haichow, awaiting my pleasure.

The top pilots list shows the same few squadrons again and again.