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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 708: Operational Report: 14/11/43

The Japanese send a fighter sweep over Truk, which costs us a Baufighter.

This is followed by an escorted Betty raid.

We repay them with a visit to Gaum, which hits nothing. None of the three raids report causing any damage in fact.

The fighting in Manus gives us no reported losses.

There is another attack on Howra, despite the fact that there is nothing of value there.

Akyab continues to be their main target however. This is one of nine raids we see today.

I try to open the Burma road, but take heavy losses to well entrenched defenders.

Shanghai gets another pasting.

With no forces left in Haichow, I have to settle for taking Kaifeng.

I'm going to call off the bombing of Guam for a while, repair up all those units and gets some more fighters in – these high altitude attacks are not working, so I need to go in lower with escorts. One the airfields have been hit a few times, we should see the fighter support dropping off.